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About EPMS

EPMS is a specialist provider of Spares and precision cams for the Food / Beverage and Pharmaceutical markets. Through customer demand and market trends EPMS has diversified its product range and has expanded its range of spares for Packaging and Food processing machines and beverage production.

EPMS cover spare parts for a wide range of machines. We acknowledge that the cost of spares from OEM’s is staggering and has driven us to offer Quality spares at affordable prices.

We also offer a complete Sub Contract machining service of Milling and Turning to a wide range of markets. Our Sub Contract side is growing year on year and with careful market selection and know-how, our highly skilled engineers continually gain experience. EPMS processes are all controlled by accreditations and approvals for a multitude of markets.

EPMS has taken over the services of Chiltern Cam & Engineering Solutions. Chiltern Cam were specialists at cutting industrial and machine cams and spare parts for the Beverage and food industry.

Find out about the range of services we offer

Cam cutting

The staff of EPMS have had experience over many years in manufacturing machine cams . We offer a full cam cutting service ,with extensive CAM cutting knowledge. We offer a range of industrial cams including Box Track cams, Industrial cams, Internal Track cams, Barrel cams, Outside Track cams and Conjugate cams.

Spare parts

Many companies in the packaging and process industry purchase their spares from original equipment manufacturers. However, EP Manufacturing Solutions offer an alternative with lower cost and high quality spares for many brands.

Machinery & Plant

EPMS can offer conversions of IMA C21 and IMA C23 converting your Ima C21 /C23 from the old style staple machine to a full stitch unit incorporating a new control unit and the latest Camera System checking the quality of the bag at all time.

Other Services

Reverse engineering

EPMS have for many years been making and copying OEM parts. The relationship with the company we are working with and their Engineers is crucial. It is not just a matter of reverse engineering a part but a more precise approach to what the functionality is of the parts and the components around it.

Sub-contract machining

EPMS offer  a full Sub Contract Machining service from small batch to large batch production. We can offer small Medium and large machining on a range of High end Milling centres and Turing centres. A full Wire and Spark eroding service is available.

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