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Cam Cutting

The staff of EPMS have had experience over many years in manufacturing machine cams . We offer a full cam cutting service, with extensive CAM cutting knowledge. We offer a range of industrial cams including Box Track cams, Industrial cams, Internal Track cams, Barrel cams, Outside Track cams and Conjugate cams.

From our wide experience base and skilled Engineers we have been specified by some of the major Blue chip companies for their global facilities.

Below are some samples of the cams we can manufacture:

  • Barrel Cams
  • Box track cams
  • Closed track cams
  • Screw Worm Cams
  • Conjugate Cams
  • Outside track Cams

We cut the cam track using the following Cam Law:
Unique software for generating cam formulas, i.e. cyclodial, double / triple / single harmonic, modified sine, modified trapezodial, uniform velocity, uniform acceleration. Cam tracks are hard milled after heat treatment when necessary.

We cut cams from all the traditional materials and some new exotics. We offer all heat treatment services.

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